Satyam Photography

Most popular among photoshoots it is also most important event and requires full dedication and lots of preparation on photographers part also as well as with clients. Wedding photography is the oldest genre most used and millions of these events are covered on yearly basis, its importance is much in comparison to other domestic photography due to its widespread usage it is in top position.

Photographers cover a lot of these events indeed. We also cover weddings and have covered some very tricky wedding image shoots likewise one of our wedding event that happened in dal lake Kashmir on a shikara (small boat).

Photography done without subject knowledgeable about its happening is candid photography it is very popular these days due to a new type of photography it is spreading at a fast pace and is among the new happenings on the stage.

The candid style is being demanded a lot by people and we deliver a lot of work of this style. Candid is easy only if the photographer knows what he is doing.


We do pre-wedding photography a new trend of foreign import in nation people want its flavor too but the chef must be knowledgeable in peculiarities couples now days demand this sort of photo shoot as people want to visit their favorite destination and want to have their pictures according to their taste and in their own particular way.

A photographer’s skill is tested in such a way and people, we always make people mesmerized by our work because we know how to do it.


Fashion photography is not same as pre-wedding with a slight difference that difference is in clothing which people choose to wear rest are same things. The photo shoot will be the same everything will be of same order only clothing is of choice, you have to choose casuals and locations outside wedding city.

It is also a new trend like pre-wedding, with difference explained above. We also do this photography and have many wish fulfilled customers too.


Of all the forms of photography, product photography is considered a pure form of art. He is the best photographer in India and he says that a tiny piece of jewelry or watch when photographed in the right way can draw attention, send the desired message and encourage audience to buy it. This makes he is the one of the best product photographer in Lucknow.

Satyam is one of the top photographers in India and his vast experience in product photography includes shooting for brands like Entice Jewels, and Columbus Shoes.


Want to capture your baby photos professionally? We are Specialists in Kids Photography or children photography. Never miss a chance to capture those innocent smile, innocent expressions which can make you smile for rest of your life. We do kids photography, baby photography or New born photography at comfort of your home, outdoor( in and around Lucknow) or in our studio.

Capturing those unique times in their life and the story around them will be the most precious gift for you and them.